Lisa Roosa

Job Title

Account Executive

Job Family



Hartford, Connecticut

Date Started at WS

March 1990

What is one of your favorite parts about working for Willscot?

I love working here because no two days are ever the same. Working with the country’s leading space provider allows me the opportunity to meet customers from all business sectors. I get to solve their space problems and create a happy, comfortable work environment. It is very gratifying.

Can you highlight your career progression at WillScot?

I started as an Administrator and worked my way into a Sales Representative position. I then became the Selling Branch manager for the Hartford Branch. I am currently enjoying my position as an Account Executive.

What attracted you to WillScot?

The people! Everyone here is so helpful and friendly. I’m really fond of the fact that I work for such a large company but feel like I’m part of a family, not just an employee.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

Biking and Kayaking on Cape Cod (my home away from home). I also enjoy reading, especially historical fiction.

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