Christopher Jarrett

Job Title

Account Executive

Job Family



Indianapolis, Indiana

Date Started at WS

May 2016

In one sentence can you describe your current role?

I help companies find the most innovative and effective modular buildings through prospecting, site visits, developing floor plans, building relationships, and creating customer centered solutions.

What is one of your favorite parts about working for WillScot?

There are two things I enjoy working at WS, culture and variety.

Culture: Not only can I open up to my bosses as if I’m with my friends but management does a great job of embracing change and having fun while doing it.  They are constantly seeking feedback and ways to improve, and they reward great performance!

Variety: I get to be an important part of the decision making process by helping customers design floor plans, challenge the “status quo” way of thinking through persuasion, develop relationships and inject my personality every step of the way.  I truly feel as if I am the CEO of my territory!

What do you enjoy outside of work?

I love to workout, do manly things like wrestle grizzly bears, go shooting, hike/bike, ride horses, travel, cookout and play a little bit of guitar.

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